Why Using Cardio Equipment Is Beneficial

Cardio machines can be a great way to lose weight and get fit but choosing the right machine is part of the challenge. Some machines are perfect for everyone, others aren’t so great if you have joint issues while others again can be quite uncomfortable if only starting out. Whether you choose to exercise in a gym or in the comfort of your own home, by using the right equipment, you will notice some changes pretty quickly.

The purpose of using a cardio machine is to raise your heart rate. But a machine by itself isn’t effective; it needs you to put some effort to get your heart rate pumping. Cardio forces your body to use the larger muscles in your body and while it isn’t always fun, you will notice your body getting fitter.The type of machine you use will come down to a few factors, and none of them are based on what your friends, partner or family find beneficial. You need to use a machine that you find enjoyable and you can do for a length of time. Some people find walking on a treadmill great while others would prefer to slog it out on spin bikes for an hour. Another factor is whether the machine and the movements your body goes through causes any pain, joint or posture issues. For some people, a stair climber can cause a lot of pain, especially on bad knee joints so they may find using a personal trainer Bondi beach more beneficial.

Treadmills are the one piece of cardio equipment that is suitable for pretty much everyone – you can walk, jog or run at different speeds and different inclines, so if you have joint issues you can walk on flat ground at a good speed, if you are training for an event you can step up the speed, or you can have a mixture of speed and incline which more resembles walking outside. With the ability to set the treadmill at different inclines and speeds you will get an all-round workout that is quite beneficial. There are a large range of treadmills for sale if you prefer to workout at home.

Different machines have different benefits – an elliptical cross trainer can exercise a large range of muscles at the one time (quads, hamstrings, abs, arms and chest) which is great if you don’t have time to use lots of different machines; while a stair machine or stepper isn’t too great on burning calories it can be good for working your calf muscles as well as slightly working your upper thighs; and a rowing machine is perfect for burning calories and working the upper body, the legs and the core muscles.

No matter what option you choose you need to make sure the exercises are comfortable and that you enjoy doing. With many options available, you should easily be able to find a machine which works for you.