Tips When Designing A New Sports Kit

You might be the coach or manager of your school team, or even of a local recreational sports team. Whatever it is, and whatever sports it is, all teams have a unique sports outfit. If you’re planning on designing a new sports outfit for your team, then below are some helpful pointers:
1. Consult with your team – the first thing you need to do when designing a sports outfit, is to consult with your team. After all, if the people who are supposed to wear the outfits themselves don’t like them – then you’ll face quite a few problems. Therefore, remember to incorporate the ideas of every team member in one way or another – it might surprisingly be a chance to build team spirit and improve relations amongst the team members!
2. Consult with a specialist – once you’ve gotten a basic idea of what you’d like as a design, make some sketches and go consult a specialist. You’ll find many designers specializing in custom soccer kits in Melbourne for example – and since they have experience with designing many sports outfits, they will be able to provide you with helpful tips and mistakes you should avoid. Most designers are also willing to give you discounts in the case of bulk orders, so make sure to ask around.
3. Keep in mind colours, words, etc. – if you’re part of a school team, then chances are high that the school has some regulations over the sports outfits. You’ll probably have to use some designated colours – so think of ways to incorporate them into your outfit, together with the team colours, of course. Another point you’ll have to focus on are the names of the team members, numbers and logos – which all should be clearly incorporated into the outfit.
4. Sports kits are not just the game kit – this is another important point you should keep in mind. For example, when you’ve designed the custom soccer kits with the designers, you’re not done – you also have to consider the jerseys and tracksuits you’ll be using for training! Therefore, make sure that you also design all the other articles of clothing you will need – besides the outfit the players will wear during a match.
5. Think about the costs! – last but not least, an extremely important point. Make sure to not go overboard with designing: you might end up with overly difficult designs which might be expensive in the long run. Remember, a sports outfit should be simple – it should contain the names, numbers, logos and colours, but it should not be anything more than that. It is a symbol of team unity, so go with the simplest design that conveys the message.